STORM - Solar system plasma Turbulence:  Observations, inteRmittency and Multifractals

The Integrated Nonlinear Analysis (INA) library can be downloaded freely from this website as an executable file optimized for Microsoft Windows. Solutions for other operating systems are also available.  INA is provided as an executable file that provides all the functionalities described in INA Info and Tutorials.  

INA includes modules for: (i) spectral analysis, (ii) probability distribution functions analysis and their moments (kurtosis), (iii) structure function analysis, (iv) wavelet analysis and local intermittency measure (LIM), (iv) ranked ordered multifractal analysis (ROMA, Chang and Wu, 2008). It allows an interactive and versatile nonlinear analysis of various types of data, including Ulysses, Venus Express and Cluster, as suggested by the diagram inserted below.

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